About Me

About Me

Hello  Metaphysicians!

My name is Nathan Holt and I have been studying, practicing and ‘consciously’ applying metaphysics and the Law of Attraction in my life for the last 3 years. I say consciously because this Law is in operation all the time but when we become consciously aware of it we can then utilise it to create the life we desire.

I am an artist by profession for the last 10 years, due to experiencing a Godself awakening 13 years ago and my mediums of choice to express this were art, music and writing. Previous to this life changing experience I was working in the corporate world of computer engineering for a global company.

Further more to my story, about five years ago in 2012 I discovered I could feel a strong energy coming from my hands. I played around with it and showed my close friends and family who all described a deep calmness when I focused this energy onto them. Long story short, I have performed many sessions on many people from all walks of life, and I now include this energy work in my professional life.

As you can now imagine, I have a good insight into the golden thread of divine energy that flows through all of us and indeed everything. The information I have received through consciously connecting regularly to this divine source has included details of how to use the Law to attract what we desire.

I have studied the ancient truths of our incredible ancestral civilisations and the works of great metaphysicians of our contemporary era such as Wallace D. Wattles, Neville Goddard, Napolean Hill, Norman Vincent Peale, Jack Canfield, the Seth, Abraham and Bashar channels plus many more inspirational beings. All of these sources express the empowering teachings of The Law of Attraction.

I love this life and embrace both the physical and nonphysical aspects of it. I feel the calling for mainstream business and money beliefs to come more into alignment with the creative, abundant and expansive true nature of life, and that is where the inspiration for this website came from.

I have created this website to provide a place where people can come to access metaphysical information on The Law, business, money and any other aspect of life that comes to mind. I believe that to ask questions, share our own experiences, connect with likened minds and businesses and also find links to courses and other resources will enhance the knowledge, understanding and application of this incredibly empowering Law.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit Metaphysical Corporation and for reading this page.

I have already imagined you living the life you desire in all its glory!

In Appreciation


Founder of Metaphysical Corporation

Email: nathan@metaphysicalcorporation.com