Conor McGregor vs – The Law of Attraction!

Conor McGregor vs – The Law of Attraction!

The Moment Has Come

I´ve been really looking forward to writing this post for quite some time. I had the inspiration to write about Notorious Conor McGregor and the law of attraction a couple of months ago, and being a fight fan and having followed Conor´s journey since before his incredible rise, yeah, I was excited! As I begin now I can feel all those emotions I´ve been cultivating stirring and spiralling through me and onto the page. It was a good test of my patience and intuition to allow the moment to come to me and not rush in and write before everything was in alignment and synchronised.

Conor Mcgregor vs – The Law of Attraction!  HERE.. WE.. GO..!!!


Who is Conor McGregor..?

For those of you who don´t know who Conor Mcgregor is, where have you been hiding?! 😉 He is a mixed martial arts fighter who has come from very humble beginnings to rise up as one of the most internationally recognised characters currently on this planet! Not only has he established himself in his MMA field as the most prolific, charismatic and influential fighter, he has also connected with millions of people around the world who see him as an inspiration for becoming a world champion in two weight divisions and a multi millionaire in a seemingly short period of time.

For those of you who do know who Conor Mcgregor is, you will understand why I have been excited about writing about him and you will also already be acknoweldging his incredible achievements so far in his career, both in and out of the fighting arena. I´m sure you will agree that he is at the top of many a fight fan´s list of who they would love to see in action and meet in person too.

Very Short, But Important, Back Story

I´m not going to go into a whole biographical back story here, but it is important to mention the beginning of Conor´s incredible journey as it contains within it the very sparks of information that enabled him to get to where he is today. In short, he grew up in Dublin, Ireland, where there were few opportunities and the streets were pretty rough and definitely a place where you needed to know how to fight, or at the very least be able to defend yourself. This is where Conor obviously learnt the fighting basics, he realised he had a bit of a talent and found boxing to be an initial place to train and develop his natural skills.

After competing at an amateur boxer for a while he later moved accross to study and train in mixed martial arts and began competing as an amateur in that arena instead, with a dream of turning professional. At that time he was working as a plumber´s apprentice until one day he could not bring himself to do that anymore. With no job, living at home with his parents and getting a lot of grief from them, things were understandably quite tough for Conor, caught somewhere between a dream of becoming a champion fighter and being forced to face a reality and future that felt grim. His older sister Erin sensed his loose cannon ambition and  gave him a copy of the life changing documentary film, The Secret.

This Is Bulls**t!

Things didn´t miraculously change after he watched that film, in fact he is quoted as saying that, “Even when I first watched it, I was like, this is bulls**t!” However a seed was planted in Conor´s mind and when he watched it again some months later something did click and he began practicing the techniques of how to allow your dreams to turn into a physical reality. Starting off simple by visualising things he believed to be easily achievable such as car parking spaces, practice, practice and more practice lead on to the amazing manifestations realised by the present day Conor McGregor.

Conor McGregor´s Manifestations

Here is a breakdown of what Conor Mcgregor has brought into into this physical reality by focusing on his desires in a positive way and allowing the law of attraction to deliver to him the details and synchronicities.


  • He is currently the world champion in two weight classes, being the first ever to simultaneously hold titles.


  • He holds the record for the fastest ever KO and did this in his first title fight, it took him 13 seconds to claim the belt.


  • His bank account has gone from zero to hundreds of millions of pounds.


  • He has come from being completely unknown to becoming a global superstar.


  • He secured a one off bout with boxing billionaire Floyd Mayweather Jr, earning himself a $100,000,000 prize fight purse.


  • He is currently in negotiations with the 4 billion dollar company the UFC, to be a co-promoter of his next fight.


Too Good To Be True..?

Does all this sound too good to be true? Well, the evidence speaks for itself and Conor himself is sharing with the world how he did it.
Watch this video below and pay particular attention to the techniques he describes.


Appreciated, Respected and Admirable Attributes

I admire Conor McGregor´s passion for life and dedication to his craft. I admire his confidence, magnetic charisma and attitude of being here to have fun and laugh a lot. Yes it could be, and has been said, that he is cocky and brash and he trash talks his opponents, but that is a part of the game that some choose to use and others don´t. At the end of the day, and at the end of the fight, he is always respecful, gracious and humble in victory or defeat.

But what I respect and admire above all of Conor´s manifestations are the three things that are actually behind all of his personality attributes, the acclaim, fame and abundance that he now has in his life.

  • The first is his heart felt deep appreciation for where he is. He had this going on from the very beginning and it is the energy of appreciation, especially for oneself, that allows the universe to deliver to you all that you are dreaming of and more.


  • Second is the cultivation of the feeling of giving back to everyone who has helped him along the way to where he is now. Conor imagined how beautiful a feeling it would be to turn up and say thank you to those who stood by him and raise them up in their lives too.


  • Third is the sheer focus of the man. It takes a lot of practice to focus positively on what you want, then to believe you can have it and then to believe you already have it! This is especially so when the majority of the population, just like Conor, comes from environments that instil lack and other negative beliefs into the minds of children, who then grow up believing in a limited existence. But here is the example of a man who reshaped and focused  his mind positively through persistent practice, despite his environment and external conditions, and brought into this world that which he imagined, his dreams becoming true!



Satisfied and Eager For More Conclusion

So there it is, Conor McGregor vs – The Law of Attraction! Not actually a vs but definitely a vibrational match and it is definitely a catchy title! I trust this post finds you in appreciation of where you are currently at and also eager for more to come in your life too. Not everyone wants to be a world champion fighter, multi millionaire with global fame, but whatever your individual dreams are they are there floating around in your mind ready for you to live them out in this life for sure!

There is only one mind that can enable your deep desires to manifest and that is the one mind that you have control of, yours! Before you begin wondering why things aren´t showing up and doubting that the law of attraction works or is even real, do the inner housework and clean up those old negative thoughts about why you can´t be living your dream life too.

Conor´s inspirational story is as logical as it gets, so there is your proof if that is what is holding you back. Practice, practice, practice! THEN you are in a position to enjoy the thoughts and feelings relating to what you can have and you´ll begin to feel satisfied with just having that going on inside. Have faith or call it trust, whatever feels good to you.. and  THEN you´re in a position to allow and receive the physical manifestations.. It´s an inside job!

“From nothing, to something, to everything!” –  Conor McGregor

Feel free to ask me questions for advice, or comment and share your thoughts on Conor´s story of how he is harnessing the law of attraction.

Imagining your successes and in appreciation,



12 thoughts on “Conor McGregor vs – The Law of Attraction!

  1. Hi Nathan,

    I enjoyed your post on Conor McGregor. What a fighter! I’m a sales trainer and I can appreciate the need for us all to fight to succeed. I’ve used the story of Sylvester Stallone in my training to drive home the importance of never giving up on our dreams.

    Now I think I’ve a new story to share with the new sales recruits! Conor McGregor! An inspirational story!

    I like the fact that you mentioned Practice, Practice, and Practice. Indeed, to succeed we need to keep practicing our craft until we become the best in what we do.


    1. Hi Song,

      Thanks for your comment, I´m really glad you enjoyed reading my post!

      That´s great that you feel inspired to share Conor´s story with your sales teams, I think the most important message is to be persistant with your dreams and not giving up for sure is a big part of that. But struggle and fight are not the answer as you will carry that energy into your manifestations. Struggle/fight to get it, struggle/fight to keep it. Does that make sense to you?

      So the solution and what Conor talks about is to have faith or trust in your dream and continue to practice, staying relaxed, present in the moment and in the flow state, knowing inside that you are doing what you love and are meant to be doing it!

      All the best to you,


      1. Hi Nathan,

        Struggle/fight to get it and struggle/fight to keep it? Hmm…I would interpret that as meaning struggle/fight with a clear goal in mind – ‘get it’, achieve it, ‘keep it’, maintain it. I’m always thinking in terms of sale achievement.

        Wishing Conor and you much success too!


        1. Hi Song,
          Can you feel the difference in energy between struggle/fight and persistence/focus?
          Fight for me carries an ‘against’ energy, and this leads to a competitive mindset which creates separation from the whole. In the video on my post Conor talks of how there is no competition and it is only you and what you believe is possible that creates the outcomes, and this comes from a guy who finds that mindset in such an intense arena. I cultivate a creative mindset which gives me freedom from competing with others and taps into the source of where our manifestations come from, the nonphysical.
          I agree a clear goal, clarity, is required, but there is no need for struggle. All that has been imagined is already created nonphysically, it’s our job to relax and allow it happen. That’s where the real power is.
          I see where you’re coming from in terms of sales achievement, and you’re not wrong from that perspective. If you could possibly entertain the thought of allowing sales, and practiced that, you will be surprised at what results come to you. Maintaining would then not come into the equation because you would be so in the stream of allowing wellbeing, in your case sales, that inspired actions and synchronicities would be abundant.
          Here’s a brilliant quote from Abraham Hicks that I received today and is completely relevant to our discussion..

          ‘’Most rarely align with their true power, because it seems illogical to them that there is power in relaxation, in letting go, or in love or joy or bliss. Most people do not understand that their true power lies in releasing resistance—which is the only obstacle to their true power.

          Most people do not expect their path to great abundance to be one of ease and of joy. They have been taught that struggle and hardship and sacrifice are requirements that must be met before the reward of great abundance can be realized. Most do not understand that the very struggle they deliberately involve themselves in, in their quest for success and advantage, actually works against them.

          There are so many things that you have been taught to believe that are counter to the powerful Laws of the Universe that it is difficult for you to think your way out. And that is the reason that we present this path of much less resistance.

          We want you to breathe rather than try, to relax rather than offer effort, to smile rather than struggle, to be rather than do. For your true power is experienced only from inside the Vortex.’’

          Hope you found this interesting and helpful Song, maybe experiment with this perspective a little, it would be great to hear back from you!

          In appreciation,

  2. This was a really cool article. I did not know much about Connor McGregor except that he fought Floyd Mayweather and that he was in a kickboxer. I’m glad to read how he used the power of visualization to make his dreams come true. Great read!!

    1. Hi Arkita, thanks for reading my article and leaving a comment.
      I´m very glad you thought it was cool and a great read!
      Yes much to be learnt from Conor´s techniques of visualsation, wishing you all the best with your dreams coming true!
      In appreciation,

  3. Great article.
    I saw the film of the “Secret” nearly twenty years ago and did in depth research. The principle were taken from an early twentieth C home study course. at a time when people were into spiritualism and very spiritually aware.
    I find the “vibration” theory hard to accept BUT believe it is a metaphor for something much more fundamental.
    If you consider that everything that has been invented required that someone had thoughts about it first.
    So, the thought comes first. The reality comes afterwards.
    We can only realise and attain what we want if we think, believe and know it first.
    I tried the technique to get myself a new job, a new house and a new partner inside of 5 years. It all just seemed to happen. In just over 3 years.
    I then proceeded to lose it all during the next 2 years.
    We have to re set our intentions and goals along the way. Keep setting the targets and when they occur, put new ones in place.
    Conor is such a good example.
    The Chinese talk about “Qi” or “Chi.” He has it in buckets. so did his opponent.
    I do believe we have so much more power in us than we know or believe we do.
    Life is so full of “No!”
    Let’s turn that into “Yes!.”
    Great article. It is uplifting to be reminded sometimes of what we know and are maybe not acting on at the moment.

    1. Hi HappyB and thanks so much for your awesome comment!

      You´re right the Secret does come from an earlier source, Wallace D Wattles´ incredible book, The Science of Getting Rich´. I have a review of that book on my site, here´s a link if you´d like to check it out..

      The Science of Getting Rich reviewed by Metaphysical Corporation

      As you probably know, the sources of this empowering information goes way back past Wallace too. It´s just great to have the latest versions of this ancient Knowledge expressed in a format that is more digestible to our present day minds. Of course, it resides within us all, deep beneath all the clouds of confusion in our minds is the truth that sets us all free.

      I really appreciate you sharing your story, I´m sure you learned a lot from this experience and have been a great example to those who you meet.

      I agree Conor is definitely flowing the Chi, just like his opponents, but what I believe gives him the edge is that he lets go of trying to do it all himself and has the courage to trust being in the moment, allowing greater forces to move him into greater outcomes.

      It´s a big YES from me! I´m really glad my article helped you to uplift your awareness of how great you are.

      I can feel you are on the brink of a higher stage of consciousness and all the blessings that will flow from being in that state!

      All the very best to you and in appreciation,


  4. Hey,

    Conor is an interesting character indeed, but a rather controversial one. I remember reading that he mocks Jesus in one of his interviews and as a Christian I despise that.

    Do you have any info if the Law of Attraction is related to satanic and luciferinism? Because this man’s story sounds too fancy to be true.

    1. HI Simon, thank you for your comment.

      I am aware of the interview you are referring to. You can find it online and see it in it´s true context if you choose to do so. 

      In answer to your question, we all create in our lives that which we choose to think and feel inside first.

      I personally choose love and peace.

      In appreciation and many blessings to you,


  5. It’s great to know success stories from successful people on where they were from the beginning and what they have become right now.

    I really admire stories from humble beginnings and this inspires me to not give up. Success can come to us if we strive and solve every problem that rises, especially when in this real case study, law of attraction is applied in achieving every desire. Cool!

    1. Hi Izuddin and thanks for your comment.

      Yes  i agree it´s great to check out success stories as they show us that anything is possible, and if someone else can do it then there is nothing to stop us from doing the same in our own lives.

      I personally have taken the words strive and fight out of the creation equation and replaced them with focus and allow because they feel better and less resistant. The less resistance I have to my dreams the easier and faster they can flow to me through the law of attraction!

      In appreciation and all the best to you,


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