iPhone SE – Metaphysical Review

iPhone SE – Metaphysical Review

Product: Apple iPhone SE 32GB

Good Place To Buy:  Amazon

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Why Review an iPhone SE 32GB?

The reason I ask you this question now is the same reason I asked myself too when I was inspired to write this review. That reason being the relevance an iPhone SE 32GB has to my website here at MetaphysicalCorporation. The answer to this question came to me shortly after asking.. Everything that has manifested in this physical reality existed first in the nonphysical reality and if it enhances and expands my life experience then I am very happy to share that with others. MetaphysicalCorporation represents and expresses the wholeness of nonphysical and physical as both being spiritual. Anything that enhances life experience and brings a happy feeling is real and contains the essence of Source.

External Happiness

Yes of course there are people out there who are fanatic about brands and products, and base their happiness on attaining the next latest thing only to experience a short lived temporary gratification that leaves an unfulfilled hole ready to be filled by something else external. I know this only too well as I used to also operate like this. But since I began looking inside for fulfillment I found that manifesting the physical things in my life became an extension of what I felt inside first and therefore not the reason to feel fulfilled.

Practice the Emotions First

What I really appreciate about Apple products in general is the attention to detail that considers the experience of the customer.  This covers the quality of the materials used in the manufacturing, the technology deployed inside the device and and the operability of the functions. The emotions I tapped into when the inspiration came to me to upgrade my phone were ease, fluidity, freedom, appreciation, eagerness, excitement and satisfaction, in no particular order!  That´s when the iPhone SE 32GB came into my field, it fitted all my requirements and more. At the time I first saw it I was not in a position financially to rush out and buy it and so I continued to practice the emotions I related to actually having it already until there I was, cash in the bank and buying it with joy!

The Source of Satisfaction

This phone has helped to speed up my life in many ways and has given me access to apps that enhance my creative processes. It is light and very portable, with excellent functionality and processing speed. I chose the 32GB version because it is much better value considering the 50GB storage I have access to on iCloud for 79p a month! Although I really appreciate the design and technology,  it is what the phone represents that gives me the greatest source of appreciation, satisfaction and fulfillment. This iPhone SE 32GB  is a physical extension of the source of that which is inside of me!

The Tech and Spec

  • The iPhone SE is the most powerful 4-inch phone ever!
  • It has a 12-megapixel camera which captures incredible photos and 4K videos, while Live Photos brings your images to life. Capture sharp, detailed stills with the 12 megapixel isight camera. Shoot and edit brilliant 4K video – up to 4 times the resolution of 1080p hd video.
  • The SE comes with a collection of essential apps. Send texts, photos and videos with messaging and make video calls with facetime. The music app gives you easy access to apple music and your personal collection.
  • The iPhone SE is built with the same advanced chip that’s in the iPhone 6s. Offering spectacular speed and responsiveness, with console-classic graphics performance, your favourite apps and games will be incredibly rich and immersive.
  • 4G network capability.
  • SIM card type: nano SIM.
  • Display and Design:
  • 4 inch LED display.
  • With a density of 326 pixels per inch.
  • Touch screen.
  • Dimensions: Size H123.8, W58.6, D7.6mm.
  • Weight 113g.
  • Camera and Video: Rear camera 12MP, Front camera 1.2MP, Video capture in 4K UHD quality.
  • Storage: Internal memory 32GB, Expandable memory up to 32GB.
  • Technical specifications: 1.85GHz dual core , 2GB RAM.
  • Operating system: iOS iOS 10.
  • Battery: 240 hours standby time, 840 minutes talk time. 1624mAh battery capacity.
  • Product features: MP3 and MP4 player, Headphone port, Contactless payment, Fingerprint scanner.
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS.


Satisfied Conclusion

So there we have it, a metaphysical review of an iPhone SE 32GB! A manifestation of the initial inspiration, then the thoughts, then the emotions, then the inspired actions and then the allowing of all that in the form of the physical phone itself! It feels so satisfying to live this way and allow the law of attraction to bring it all to me through the universe. I am applying the exact same technique to everything else in my life and will continue to share my experiences and progress with you.

Imagining your successes and in appreciation,




8 thoughts on “iPhone SE – Metaphysical Review

  1. Hi Nathan, what can I say, your post made me smile, I absolutely LOVED it. Being into spirituality and metaphysics myself, I thoroughly admire and appreciate the unique way you have done this product review. It really works! But back to the i phone SE, it does sound great, especially the camera features, and I happen to need a new phone. This one is going into my vibrational vortex ready for its collapse into my reality 🙂

    1. Hi Stefanie, thank you so much for your awesome comment! I’m very happy that you rendezvoused with my review and that you LOVED it!! I did feel a touch of doubt as to whether anyone would get where I was coming from because I also have never read a review like this one too. And yes, getting back to the iPhone SE, it’s a really good device and the camera is brilliant, especially the Live photo feature! Wishing you a smooth and synchronised manifestation of yours 🙂

      Many blessings and in appreciation,


  2. iPhone SE is definitely something up for grab in the market. At least it is something cheaper in the market compared to the ever advance version of models. If you are not someone who craze for latest phone in the market and you would just one something just as good as those latest one plus at a more budget price, iPhone SE is surely something that you should consider.

    1. Yes I totally agree with you, it´s incredibly good value for the technology that is inside the device..I´m sure it will keep up to date with the latest versions for quite a while!

      All the best to you,


  3. Hi Nathan,

    I am an iPhone fan and I use iPhone 4 to iPhone7, but I never know iPhone SE 32 yet. It looks like iPhone 5, isn’t it? What SE stands for?

    Since iPhone 6 and iPhone 7, to me, they already make no significant differences no matter from outlook or function. I have no intention to buy iPhone 8 and iPhone X at all. From the price on Amazon, it is acceptable. The 4-inch screen is enough if you don’t stick to the screen all day long.

    1. Hi George,

      Yes the iPhone SE looks like the iPhone 5 because it is designed using the same dimensions of the iPhone 5 chassis / shell. However, the technology inside the iPhone SE is the same as the iPhone 6S, hence why it is called SE, which stands for.. Special Edition!

      It often gets over looked as an iPhone 5 but from my experience of using it I can truthfully say that it performs incredibly well and is brilliant value for money. The 4´´ screen is perhaps a bit small to be looking at all day, but the processing speed and graphics are super smooth and crystal clear!

      All the best to you and thanks for your comment,


  4. That has to be the most creative review I’ve ever read. 😉 Good job! I also really appreciate Apple products and like you am on a spiritual path. About 10 years ago I was in a jam financially. So every time I saw something I wanted I would silently say to myself “I can have that” and then I would feel the rush of feelings associated with actually purchasing it. I’m not kidding… my life turned around within a year in a very big way. Thanks for sharing you review. I enjoyed reading it.

    1. Hi Jackie, thank you! I´m very pleased you found my review and enjoyed reading it 🙂

      Your story is a brilliant example of how focusing first on the feelings of having what you want leads to amazing results in all sorts of incredible ways beyond what we imagined possible. Thanks for sharing!

      Imagining you many blessings and in appreciation,


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