Is The Law of Attraction a Scam?

Is The Law of Attraction a Scam?

There’s so much hype around the law of attraction these days and people are obviously and rightly so questioning what it’s all about, but is the law of attraction a scam or is it something that can seriously benefit you?

Empowering information

Firstly, I can only speak from my own experience about how my life has changed since I became aware of the law of attraction and how it works. The information about it came into my life, or rather I attracted it, about three years ago and since then I have felt more and more empowered to create the life I choose rather than be someone who has life just happen to them.

Scammers will scam

As with anything that captures the imaginations of people looking for a way to change the limited lives they are living, there crops up those who prey on this vulnerability and scam what they can before moving onto something else. This gives whatever the initial empowering subject is an untrustworthy reputation and many people will not even look any deeper than the headline of a scam news report. I recommend you ignore the bad press and look a bit deeper, I can assure you it’s worth it.

The Law of Attraction is FREE!

The law of attraction is 100% free for you to use. It is a mechanism that has been in place since before we could ever fathom and is meant to be used by every single person born on earth to utilise for the creating of the life and, specifically in my niche, the business you desire.

The Golden Rule

The Golden rule for me when looking into something that has caught my interest is NEVER pay straight away. Do some research and find resources that are freely available to you. In this day and age, information is available all over the internet for free. So get what you can to start you off and if down the road you feel you would benefit from some professional services, then check out some reviews and then go for it if it feels good.

The Truth

Is the law of attraction a scam? Most definitely not. Are there scams out there that are related to the law of attraction in the form of products and services? Most definitely yes. From my experience I would only recommend taking action upon that which you have imagined first, then the action will be in alignment with your higher good and you won’t be in the vibrational vicinity of any scams.

I hope you found this post informative and empowering in your application of the law of attraction.

What has been your experiences of how you came to know the law of attraction and how have you used it in your business life?

6 thoughts on “Is The Law of Attraction a Scam?

  1. I don’t think the law of attraction is a scam, but as you said scammers will always manipulate users to their benefit. It’s when you’re being told you can manifest and money will drop from the sky that you need to be aware of. Nothing comes free, all the visualization wouldn’t work if you do not back it up with physical hard work. What’s your thought?

    1. Hi Kenny Lee, thanks for your comment I’m glad you understand that the law of attraction isn’t a scam. I agree it is wise to be aware of those ‘money from the sky instantly’scams, there is often a process and journey through time to achieve money goals, but it is also wise to remember that money comes to you as easy as you believe it can. Physical action is for sure part of the manifestation process but it only feels like ‘hard work’ if it is taken without first taking inner nonphysical action first. There is a natural order to ‘real-ising’ what you want, if you take physical action first then it’s actually going about things in reverse. 

      Inspired physical action feels great, fun, energising and flowing, if it doesn’t then you know you’ve jumped the gun too soon! 😉

      If you would like any more information or if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch, I would be very happy to assist you 🙂

      Much appreciation


  2. I was introduced to law attraction few years ago, and since, my life actually changed, it is a slow process and one needs to understand it well especially changing the mind set which is basically the core of it, such websites are very useful and I hope that much articles are published regarding this matter.

    1. Hi Moe Adam, thanks for your comment. Yes I agree changing the mindset is at the core of applying the law of attraction to benefit you in your life and yes that can take some time, but it’s an incredibly empowering and rewarding rewarding journey as you know. I’m very glad you found my website to be very useful!
      How were you introduced to the law and what has changed in your life?
      In appreciation

  3. Your information about the scammers have me nodding my head. There are just so many of them around and trying to leveraging on things without hard work. Well, ultimately they will attract what they want.

    Can you recommend me how to actually incorporate the Law of Attraction into my daily life?

    1. Hey Moon, yes those scammers.. to me that type of action simply reflects a limited and lack based mindset. When people become conscious about the powerful and limitless nature of their creative abilities, and how to utilise the law to manifest their desires, even one thought of scamming another to get what you want is not entertained for a second. The real ‘hard work’ in this life is to initially have the will power to consistently control thoughts and choose better feeling perspectives until it becomes natural to do so.

      My recommendation to you for actually incorporating the law of attraction into your daily life would be to firstly understand that you already are doing it. Every situation you experience throughout your day is a result of your vibrational frequency attracting that which it is a match to.
      It is good to empower yourself with the fact that everything in your life is the result of what you are focusing your attention on, wanted and unwanted. Tough to swallow at first I know, but you will benefit greatly from knowing this.
      Start out by selecting a situation in your life that feels fun to test, do you have something in your mind?

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