Law of Attraction Update

Law of Attraction Update

Period of Reflection

I’m writing this new post after a six week reflection period away from home, mostly spent working for a friend of mine who owns a company that builds stages for large music festivals in the UK. It was a great way to spend the summer, and although the work is physically demanding and involves living out of a bag, I had a brilliant time experiencing new things and meeting lots of new people. I was also able to use this time to look around me and observe how everyone is using the law of attraction in their business and general daily life. From the vibrational environment created inside, to the thoughts being thought, the emotions being felt, the actions taken and words spoken, I witnessed myself witnessing the way many different types of people create their lives. Some were conscious of what effect they had on their lives but many were unconscious of their powerful creative role. When these people asked me what I do in my life, I told them of my study of metaphysics and how it has changed my life for the better massively. This period felt to me like I was receiving a law of attraction update.

We All Help Each Other

These conversations I had were natural and flowing and sparked a flame of interest in many people. Of course at certain points I picked up on some resistance in the dialogue, at which point I allowed it to be and paused, to see whether the conversation would continue or be complete at that moment. The most satisfying thing I took from meeting people who didn’t understand about how they create their lives by vibration and the responding law of attraction, was how the conversations came from their inquisitiveness about me and how I was operating in the same situations as them but with a different perspective. I was teaching from my vibration, not verbally, so that when the conversations arose about metaphysics and how life really works, they were already open to the new concept presented to them. This also meant that I was able to describe the basics in very simple terms, in effect describing the law of attraction made easy. This I benefited from greatly, as it helped refine my description of the process and I thanked each and everyone I spoke to sincerely from the heart as I know we are all helping each other.

The True Nature of Reality

On a deeper level inside of us we all know the true nature of reality, it’s just a case of peeling away the layers of untruths that have us believing that we are singular, separated, physical beings that must operate from a place of making choices based upon the fear of dying soon. There are an increasing amount of people that are realising the truth that we are in fact one, connected, nonphysical, immortal being that is experiencing itself through infinite perspectives.

The Role of the Ego

What seems to trip and hold us back from realising our true power and potential is the ego mind overcomplicating the ease of how to create the life we desire. By simplifying the process of manifestation and operating from spirit we can begin to sooth the ego mind back into it’s natural role. That role is providing information as and when we require it, keeping us safe from harm and imprinting our identity on this physical vessel we use to navigate through time and space. Any more complex tasks than that and we are overloading our ego mind with too much responsibility and it goes into panic modus.

Trusting Spirit

I’ve been improving my relationship with both spirit and ego over these last years and it has given me much more space within myself to listen to spirit and not the voice of fear. Often times my ego mind has been overcomplicating the process of manifestation which has lead to some of my desires taking a lot longer than necessary. However, this is all part of the process of trusting spirit to take care of what comes into my life, and from the evidence of such synchronised, empowering outcomes, the ego begins to trust that it can hand over the wheel, take a back seat and get on with it’s assigned job.

Information Overload

I now stand in a place of going past the tipping point of this changeover of power and from it has come a new realisation of simplicity with regard to the manifestation process. There is so much information available to us now in the form of books, videos, teachers and websites like this very one you are on right now! I know from personal experience that my enthusiasm to create and the overload of sources of information can at times become overwhelming. This previously caused frustration within me as I knew the information to be empowering and helping me to live the life of my dreams, but with so many explanations of how the law of attraction works and how to apply it I have at times been more confused than clear as to why things weren’t showing up for me. The simple explanation for this was that my ego mind was trying to work everything out on it’s own and since I have been operating more and more from spirit, or higher mind, things are so much more synchronised and flowing.

Crystal Clear

From this period of reflection I have received a more simplified and clear understanding of how we utilise the law of attraction to create our reality and in effect, our lives. The concept of how we truly create came to me in the form of analogy that has been floating around in my mind for a while but recently formed into a crystal clear understanding.

Tuning In

So what is it that has now become clear to me..? It’s this… I am simply a receiver! Although this might sound too simple, it is the piece that I was not quite getting. I have been mistakenly believing that I am sending out my vibration into the universe and it is responding. This is incorrect. In fact, I am creating a vibrational frequency within me and the universe is delivering everything that is a vibrational match to that frequency. I am just the same as a radio, a television, or a telephone. I am receiving that which I am tuned in to receive. I tune in to the channel I wish to experience and then the people, events and things that are a vibrational match to that channel’s frequency are received by me. All this information was included in my law of attraction update!

Here’s how I see it using the radio as an analogy. The radio has components within it that are able to receive vibrational frequencies that it translates into sounds that can be heard through the speaker. The sounds that are heard through the speaker depend on the frequency, or channel, to which the radio’s dial is tuned in to. I am the radio, the vibrational frequency being received by me is the law of attraction. Whatever channel I am tuned in to, I will receive and then experience the subject matter of that channel. The radio has one component (or sense), the speaker, and expresses it’s translation of the frequency being received by broadcasting through the medium of sound waves. We as human beings however have many physical senses that enable us to translate and express through sound, sight, taste, touch and smell, plus our inner senses that enable us to receive imagination, thoughts and emotions. I will go into detail about our inner senses in a later post.

The Frequency is Always There

What I find very interesting is that as soon as the radio is switched on it receives the frequency that it is tuned to. This means that the frequency being received is always there, exactly the same as how the law of attraction works. It doesn’t stop and wait for a receiver to switch on and then start sending a signal, it is constantly there delivering a frequency. To know this is very empowering as it shows us that we are the active component in the equation of creating our reality. Even when we sleep we are receiving from the law of attraction that which we are tuned to, albeit from a consciousness different to our physical reality.

So here I am, tuned into the frequency of writing about how we are truly creating our reality. I am feeling great and experiencing more clarity on this subject for tuning in. No doubt I’ll be tuning in again to receive this frequency and of course, I will translate and broadcast to you all that I have learnt.

Receptive Conclusion

So keep your vibe high and positive, that’s where all the good channels are and you’ll be able to be receive them with a high vibration inside you. And remember, if you don’t like what you are receiving, you can always change the channel!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my law of attraction update post as much as I have enjoyed receiving and writing it, I’ll be ready to receive any questions that you have received! 😉

In appreciation and with receptivity,


Founder of MetaphysicalCorporation



6 thoughts on “Law of Attraction Update

  1. I’m heavily into the law of attraction and am always keen to learn more about it. Judging by your story, you are very in tune and aware of everything going on around you and within your own mind. I think you have reached a deeper level than what I’ve been able to attain so far.

    I especially liked your section on information overload, as that’s something I tend to suffer from and feel a bit overwhelmed at times. Not just with LOA, but information overload everywhere.

    Thanks for sharing your detailed personal story here, Nathan. It’s been very helpful.

    1. Hi Darren, thanks for your comment and positive feedback.

      We are all able to help each other in ways that sometimes we don’t even know, you have helped me greatly here to reaffirm where I’m at and it is my honour to have been of service to you my friend.

      I know you will reach deeper levels of consciousness, a brief glance back to last year will show you how much further you have travelled. Keep going and enjoy the moments as they continue to unfold your becoming of who and what you have become.

      In appreciation,


  2. “peeling away the layers of untruths that have us believing … that we must operate from a place of making choices based upon the fear of dying soon.”

    I was just hanging out some clothes to dry before finding this interesting read. While I was hanging them out, I was thinking about the direction I wanted my life to go. I realized that it’s simply a matter of thinking in a certain way, and taking action with that thought in mind of where I want to be.
    I have the tendency of impatience. Of wrestling with the universe to have the things that I want now and today.
    But the thought came to me that there will always be time. And that, simply, when I make demands like that, I am being shortsighted. Those are demands of fear, and hence, the results would be of fear. That’s the law of attraction right there.
    I have experienced this before in my life. And continue to resolve in the faith that all things come together in time, as long as I continue to think and work in that way you describe.
    The law of attraction is always at work. The products of fear and love and power are around us, it just requires us to be conscious always of that.
    So when I saw that quote, it reminded me of the thought. That the impatience is really a fear of time running out.
    I also love your description of what the ego “is”. It sounds like you really know what you’re saying.
    I’ve read a lot on metaphysics, and I realized that a lot of very influential thinkers have different definitions of the ego. Sometimes it seems contradictory. On one end, it is the cause of madness in the world. On the other end, it is perfect and necessary. Finding an underlying truth that unifies these was a bit of a struggle. Although I knew what it was, you put words to it more eloquently than I have ever been able to.

    1. Hi Ade, great comment thanks for that!

      Sounds to me like you’re a very conscious being, trust that your awareness of the impatience you describe will be enough to shine the light on it and that it will transform gradually into it’s opposite, infinite patience. The way to help this along smoothly is to not let your ego mind get in the way trying to work it out. Trust that your higher mind is on it and has already done it, and it is coming through the illusion of time and space to manifest in your physical reality very soon! Yes you’re totally right, the law of attraction is always at work, and is a mirror reflecting back to us that which we are vibrating within, be that love or fear.

      I hear what you’re saying about the many descriptions of the ego and how that can be confusing to understand what it really is and what it is for. I asked for the answer to this and it came through. What I now know is that identifying one’s self with the ego will lead to insanity and is the cause of all insane acts in the world. By identifying one’s self with Spirit and assigning the ego it’s true role, and working in harmony with it, simply leads to living in love and creating acts of love.

      Thanks for your compliment regarding eloquence of wording, I cannot take full credit as Spirit guides me when I write these conscious articles and I’m happier to pass on the lion’s share of credit to that which connects us all, Love.

      It’s an honour to be of service to you brother and I know you will be shining your light brighter every day.

      In appreciation and love,


  3. It’s fortunate that you are/were able to get away to get into yourself. I think the we have to understand ourselves before we can begin trying to lure in the thoughts of other like-minded people. Getting in touch with your ego and your spirit seems to have helped you simplify your processes. Interesting!

    1. Thanks for your comment Dylan. Glad you found my post interesting!

      All the best to you


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