Metaphysics – The Law of Attraction and How it Applies to your Business

Metaphysics – The Law of Attraction and How it Applies to your Business

Hello and welcome to Metaphysical Corporation!

This is my first post and within it I hope to give you a clear insight as to why I created this website and how it can be of value to you.

When you can, please read my short bio on the About Me page of this site. This gives you an understanding of my journey into metaphysics and how I came to be applying the Law of Attraction in my life.

‘That which is likened to itself is drawn’.

‘No man cometh unto me save I call him’.

‘Your vibe attracts your tribe’.

All these quotes are saying exactly the same thing. Whatever your vibration or frequency is transmitting, you receive a vibrational match to. This is The Law. There are no exceptions to this Law, good to know right?

Conscious Creating

This fact can be a bit of a painful truth to face at first as it means you must take responsibility of all your unwanted manifestations too. It’s a short lived pain though as the positive energy of this empowering information soon heals and gives clarity to the path now ahead. A path of consciously creating the life you desire by cultivating your imagination and learning to control your thoughts, feelings and actions.

On this site I will go into more details of the methods I have used in my journey of mastering the art of metaphysics, but for now I’ll just say that it takes practice and time. It will be initially the hardest task you could choose to undertake in this life, however the happiness and fulfilment is beyond imagination.

Mutual Benefit

I named this site Metaphysical Corporation because I have a passion for business and how it can be used to create mutual benefit for all. The subject of business and money has endured a bad reputation, with negatively charged imagery of greedy corporate businessmen and arrogant rich people being at the forefront of the many people’s minds.

Although there have been and still are cases and examples of such stereotypes existing, they are definitely in the minority. This however is not the story portrayed by mainstream media and for whatever reasons this occurs, I am not against it. For me this represents a contrast of what is actually wanted and is an essential part of the creative process, it’s just very important not to hang around in the unwanted for too long.

Knowledge of The Law

It is through knowledge of  The Law and understanding of how to use it that business and money become vehicles to create freedom for all. We are living in an era where the world is connected like never before. We can do business with other companies located thousands of miles away, easily and efficiently, often without even physically meeting.

Opportunity and Abundance

Such fluidity of opportunity and abundance of resources was a threat to the previous generation’s old style of business practice, just as electricity was to the businesses of generations prior to those. But now it seems those fears are fading and the world is embracing the digital revolution. It started in the 1980’s with early computer technology and has gathered so much momentum now that in 2017 it presents opportunities for anyone with an internet connection to be the next millionaire success story.

For me this is so exciting as it truly levels the playing field for everyone. It also represents the vision of many great metaphysicians of the past who understood the true abundance available to us through our connection to nonphysical resources and our self mastery of imagination.

Applying The Law

Applying metaphysics to your business is exactly the same as applying it to any other area of your life. There is no difference in where you use The Law, all aspects of your life are the physical manifestation of your powerful imagination.

I look forward to your comments and please share examples of how you have used The Law of Attraction in your business. I am ready to answer any questions that you have and can assure you that we will always find a solution.

Imagining your success and in appreciation,


Founder of MetaphysicalCorporation

6 thoughts on “Metaphysics – The Law of Attraction and How it Applies to your Business

  1. Awesome article on the Metaphysical corporation, Thanks for sharing.
    I would like to say yes it requires practice and investment. It will be at first the hardest errand you could attempt in this life, however, the bliss and satisfaction is past creative ability.
    Please keep posting informative article like this

    1. Thanks Sameer, glad you liked the article and it’s my pleasure to share.                                                              For sure there is practice and investment but as you say, bliss and satisfaction are an unmeasured reward.

      Do you have any examples to share of how you have used metaphysics and the law of attraction in your business? 

  2. I’ve noticed that throughout my life I have often had an idea for something that I wanted to do or get, and eventually it would happen, sometimes by the most coincidental events. I never really thought about it much until I first learned about the Law of Attraction.

    There’s a lot of different books and information on it, and most of them agree on the main points of how it works, although each person seems to have one or two things that they have their own unique ideas on.

    And I’m actually working on consciously using the Law of Attraction in my life now to purposefully accomplish some of the things that I want to in my life. Are there any particular books that you would recommend to help?

    1. Thanks for your comment Nick, I’m glad you are now consciously using the law of attraction. Things seem coincidental when we aren’t aware of the law but it’s very empowering when we become aware of the law and realise there’s no such thing as coincidence. I actually still use the word coincidence but pronounce it differently – (co – incide – ence) to give it a meaning of synchronicity and not random chance. Maybe this was the original meaning of the word!

      My top recommendations of books to read would be..

      ”Ask and it is Given” by Abraham Hicks. This will give you all you need for sure.

      ”The science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D Wattles. This is not specifically law of attraction but is incredibly useful in cleaning up any misbeliefs that would interfere with you attracting what you want.

      I would also highly recommend Neville Goddard’s work. Here is a link to one of his amazing books..

      Do you have any examples of the law working for you? If you have any more questions please feel free to ask..

      In appreciation


  3. This thing on the law of attraction is so awesome and it is so amazing that by being positive and displaying that, can actually cause so many persons with the same mindset to come towards you and to connect with you. I believe that this is pretty cool.
    many want success but their outlook on life is one that spells failure it is just a matter of getting that positive mindset and then everything else will change.

    1. Thanks Norman, yes I agree the law of attraction is awesome! Positive vibrations do as you say bring positive people to come towards you and connect. That is a very good way of describing how the law works as it is a ‘coming towards you’ attraction that occurs. Very true everything will change in your life once you address and change your mindset first. Do you have any examples of things changing in your life after initially changing your mindset?  

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