What Is Money?

Money is one of the most popular subjects to entice any curious mind into looking deeper at how metaphysics works. There is a lot to be learnt about money, mostly I would say is the unlearning of all the misguided concepts of money and how it comes to be in your pocket or bank account. So what is money and how can it flow into your life more frequently and abundantly?

Firstly you must understand that money is energy. It is not just the physically manifested note, coin or bank card that gives you access to the numbers in your bank account. These physical aspects of money represent a tiny fraction of the nonphysical resource of where money comes from. Money comes from your imagination and it is first nonphysical before it becomes physical, just like everything else that has taken physical form in your life on this earth.


Money Is An Idea

Money itself is an idea, it initially came from the visions of those who required a more fluid way of trading goods and resources. It is through the development of trading and business that money has evolved into it’s present form today. It is from the desire to expand business and commerce that money is now a vital component in the transactions and deals that create successful businesses.

Money Is A Quality

Money is also a quality of prosperity, standing alongside other qualities such as trust, integrity, generosity, power, and enthusiasm. Money has no root in itself but is manifested through the roots of spiritual wellbeing and the feeling of freedom. It provides us with freedom of choice and creates ease and fluidity in our lives and in our businesses too.


Appreciate Money

By praising and appreciating those people who have an abundance of money flowing into their lives and businesses we can easily tune into the frequency, or ‘currency’, of the same vibration.

Release your limiting beliefs of money being a finite resource that will run out and it being something that you are not worthy of having. Money is limitless and is yours to manifest in your life and business, giving you the freedom of choice you desire.

Always remember, life is supposed to be fun and this includes money too!