Spirituality vs Business

Spirituality vs Business

Are Your Spiritual and Business Beliefs in Conflict?

Many of us who began a spiritual journey in life experienced a point when we started to question whether we are coming from a truly soulful place, which often then makes us question our attachment to the material world and all it’s trappings. This can lead to an overcompensating denouncement of business, money and material possessions.

A Common Mistake

I believe this is very much part of the process of self-realisation and it is only natural to want to wipe clean our old beliefs once we have a new perspective on life, so that our new beliefs can assist us in building a more fulfilling life. This is exactly the same as demolishing an old crumbling house to then build in it’s place the house of your dreams. What commonly happens though, is that the eagerness to start building a new life from an awakened perspective can cause an oversight in the complete digging out of the old foundations of your previous belief systems. This is mostly due to the old beliefs being planted in us from a very early age in our lives, imprinting a limited mindset of surviving that we take on into our adult lives.

Material Is Spiritual

Everything is spiritual, not just animals, trees, oceans, mountains and rivers but also the buildings, money, computers, phones, planes, trains and automobiles. Everything is created from spirit, including you. Everything comes from the nonphysical into the physical and carries with it the divine essence of creation. When people say they are not into material things, they are actually declaring that they are not into themselves, as nothing can be more material than the human body. Your physicality is an extension of your nonphysical self and a physical manifestion of your thoughts. This applies to everything else on earth without exception.

Implementing Passion

So it’s clear to understand why so many people who have awakened to the true nature of life and have taken steps to do what they love and provide a service for others, often struggle when it comes to really thriving when implementing their passion into a business. They still carry the misbelief that the material world is separate to the spiritual world. This means The Law of Attraction is working as commanded, to bring more of what you love but with a lack of the physical necessities to assist in the expansion.

Dig Deep Foundations

It’s all about the foundations. You can’t build a beautiful new mansion on the foundations of a little old house. The bigger you want to build, the deeper you have to dig. That’s where the secret of building the business of your dreams is found, in the deep down inner knowing that there is no separation in you being spiritual or business minded.

Look at your Foundational Beliefs and Definitions

Having an underlying resentment or fear, or feeling unworthy of what you want will stop it from being able to show up in your life in the way that you want it to. You are a powerful creator so if you are struggling to make a living from doing what you love and believe to be your calling, it would be wise to have a good look at your foundational beliefs and definitions around business and money. It might seem like a massive effort and that you’ll have to start everything over again, but it really won’t be like that. In your imagination you can simply move your half built mansion to the side and dig down further to excavate out all those old limiting beliefs that have held you back.


The feelings of satisfaction and peace from having your spiritual and business beliefs in harmony will ensure a guaranteed growth in your business. Be courageous, persistent and patient, then enjoy experiencing all that you need to succeed come flowing into your business easily.


Imagining your success and in appreciation,


Founder of MetaphysicalCorporation


2 thoughts on “Spirituality vs Business

  1. This is a very unique post one that poses a question that I’m not a stranger to in my own life. Yes we are spiritual but our bodies are material. Therefore we must try to build the physical world with the spiritual world and never let the false foundations of spirituality possess us from moving forward in life!

    Sometimes that spirituality the one that says material things are evil can stop us. Actually that is a false belief and we must live in the physical world and in recent years I myself have learned to let go of these beliefs so that I could build up a business.

    1. Thanks for your comment i.c carlos, much appreciated. I agree both physical and nonphysical realities are to be embraced as being whole.

      I would love to hear about your story, what did you let go of and what business have you built?


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