Useful Links

Useful Links


The internet is a beautiful example of The Law working for me. It always seems so magical when I have been asking new questions in my mind and then the answers appear from a new source of information online. Every time is a truly amazing experience and I appreciate the internet so much, it is such an incredible medium for The Law to bring things into my life.

Here is a list of links to some of the inspirational sources I have found valuable in my understanding and application of The Law.

I will update this section with more sources and videos and of course when I have new information come to me.


Click on a link and enjoy..


Read all of Neville Goddards’ incredible lectures for free

Access the Source of Abraham-Hicks

For detailed knowledge of The Law and how to use it

Buy Wallace D Wattles’ incredible life changing book, ‘The Science of Getting Rich’

For more information and links on The Law