Using the Law of Attraction to Become an Entrepreneur

Using the Law of Attraction to Become an Entrepreneur

There are no limitations on how you use the law of attraction


So let’s just say you’ve become familiar with the law of attraction and how it works, you’ve applied it to the areas of your life that were not how you wanted them and they have transformed into better feeling situations. Your relationships are enriching, there’s a healthy lifestyle in place and your spirituality feels unique to you with a universal thread of truth flowing through your beliefs. But what about your financial situation? Maybe you’re still doing the same job, albeit with a new perspective, but you feel you are here to be more of service doing something that is directly driven by your passion. Sound familiar? Well if it does then read on and I’ll help you shift into that mindset that will bring the business of your dreams into this reality by using the law of attraction to become an entrepreneur.



 What is your unique gift to the world?

Often we can get stuck in the thinking about what it actually is that we are truly passionate about. From an early age we are instinctively drawn to that which we love doing. Unfortunately this personal passion often gets detached from us by the constant ‘reality checks’ of our parents and teachers telling us to focus more on the traditional routes of how to make a living later on in life. To rediscover your true passion simply ask yourself the question, ”what would I be doing if time and money were freely available to me?”. It might take a few attempts to dispel and override those limiting beliefs that pop up to counter such a liberating question, but ask with a light heart and an intention of finding the answer and you will be surprised at how your underlying passion will rise to the surface.


How do I become an entrepreneur when I know nothing about business?

This is the question that can limit many a dream of becoming an entrepreneur and being successful in business. It is the how part of the question that causes the limitation here. Asking ‘how’ causes the logical part of our mind to try and work it all out and it addresses the current set of circumstances, (lack of business knowledge, lack of funds to invest and even the lack of an idea to get started). The logical mind gets totally overwhelmed here and then decides it was a bad idea to even entertain the thought of becoming an entrepreneur. This is where you can ask a much more productive question and it is WHY do I want to become a successful entrepreneur? The answer is of course to feel better for having more freedom to choose your working hours and generate a healthy income plus more satisfaction in doing something you truly enjoy and providing your customers with a service that is of value.

Imagine yourself being an entrepreneur

It really is a simple as practicing imagining yourself as a successful entrepreneur. Never underestimate the power of your imagination, it is the creative power that manifests everything in your life. You can worry and create what you don’t want or you can relax and create what you do want. Entertain the imagery of yourself in that desired entrepreneurial role, as if you are already living it, then check your thoughts and inner feelings within your body. This will give you a clear indication as to where your current state of belief is. Whatever your thoughts and feelings are, allow them to be just that. You are not your mind or your feelings, the REAL YOU is the watcher of them. All you need to do to move towards your desired outcome is to practice the imagined scenario and watch your thoughts and feelings without judging, just allow them to be.  You will shift any limiting thoughts and feelings into expansive, beneficial and better feeling versions. All the relevant information, people and events will then be able to come to you as cooperative components in the realising of your imagined successful entrepreneurial role.

Simple Steps:

1. Imagine yourself as already being a successful entrepreneur

2. Watch the thoughts and feelings that appear from imagining this

3. Allow whatever comes up to be there without judgment

4. Practice this consistently


I hope you found the information in this post helpful and I imagine you already as that successful entrepreneur!

Please comment and ask questions I will be very happy to assist you on your journey.




4 thoughts on “Using the Law of Attraction to Become an Entrepreneur

  1. I’ve been learning and reading about The Law of Attraction a lot recently and how to use it in order to consciously bring the things you desire into your life. Probably the best sentence that I’ve read on it is “keep your mind ON the things that you want, and OFF of the things that you don’t want.”

    But lately I’ve also been looking into the role that energy has on the speed at which you are able to manifest things. The basic conclusion I’ve come to is that, the higher you can get your energy, the faster your intentions will appear in your reality.

    Unfortunately, I haven’t really come across a lot of different methods that you can use each day in order to increase your energy. Do you have any tips for that?

    1. Hi Nick, thanks for your comment. Great that you’re now consciously practicing the law of attraction and yes it is definitely all about focusing on what you DO want.

      That’s an interesting point to bring up about the speed of energy and how it can help manifest things quicker. What is best to understand here is that everything is energy and everything is vibrating. We too as beings have a vibration which can be raised to higher levels by doing certain things. The common misconception is that a high vibration is created by an assertive force from within us when in fact it is quite the opposite.

      What really works for me to raise my vibration is a passive method. Taking as little as five to 15 minutes at the start and end of the day to focus only on my breathing, whilst viewing my thoughts and feelings from a removed neutral ‘watcher’ perspective, has had a profound impact on raising my vibration. Sounds way too simple right? Well it really is that easy, give it a try and I know that after one week you will notice a big difference. You’ll actually start to not care about how fast things manifest and when this happens, things come quicker.

      Have fun with it and you’ll be vibrating higher than you ever believed possible! Oh and let me know how you get on…

      Cheers and all the best to you

  2. Great stuff, just came across it, hey, where do I sigh up:)
    The energy recharge part is almost similar to the meditation side of yoga but much simpler and therefore probably most re-energizing, will try it out. Let me jump to the blog on The Law of the attraction itself.

    1. Hey, yes it’s great stuff! I’m so pleased to be sharing this information 🙂 you’ll be able to sign up soon to my email subscription list, I’ll let you know when it comes out..
      Hope you enjoy the energy recharging and The Law page, let me know how you get on..
      Appreciation and best vibes

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